"Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop."  

Ansel Adams

Frolicking Frog Photography is moving. Unfortunately, the gallery has diminished in size for the transition to  a new gallery on the web.

Fall Card Series  

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2013 National Contemporary Exhibition 

     The images on this website have been captured over many years.  They are only a handful of what has been exhibited, purchased, published, or are awaiting to be exposed.  If you wonder where a particular image is, just ask.  

     Images on the web appear differently than images printed in a magazine or printed on photographic paper.  The preference with Frolicking Frog Photography is high quality professional photographic paper.  The images at local Grand Valley shows are all printed on metallic professional paper.  This can't be reproduced online.  Professional luster paper is also available.

   Images are printed in a way giving a subtle but powerful layer of light or electricity that lifts the image off the canvas.